Do Not Disturb! Mao is sleeping!


Precious SOSUKE 5

Oh my! loving the new hair cut, along with every thing else …damn sexy!

Jinnai joking around off shot from Switch Girl 2. One of my favourite scenes, he look tooooo cute!

Ai No Kotodama 2 – Sekai No Hate Made


Very cute movie.

Indeed, very cute.


Great news for all Hamao Kyosuke fans. Apparently, Mao is striving to upgrade his acting career and recently grabbed a new role that would allow him to venture into other film genre and characters. He has done some Super Sental films, so being in an action-type of movie is not new to him. In Messiah, he plays a secret agent!

Watch video clip from link below:

He is perfect for this movie.

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Japanese boy


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懐かしいw ゴーバスターズのファイナルの時の馬さんです(^-^)v